Astm F 358 – 83 (Reapproved 2002) pdf free download

Standard Test Method for
Wavelength of Peak Photoluminescence and the
Corresponding Composition of Gallium Arsenide Phosphide
Wafers 1

This preferred is issued underneath the fixed designation f 358; the number right away following the designation indicates the 12 months of
authentic adoption or, within the case of revision, the year of ultimate revision. a number of in parentheses shows the 12 months of final reapproval. a
superscript epsilon (e) suggests a piece of writing trade because the last revision or reapproval

click below to download Astm F 358 – 83 (Reapproved 2002) pdf free

Astm F 358 – 83 (Reapproved 2002) pdf free download


click here to download Astm F 357 – 78 (Reapproved 2002) pdf free

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